This course is jam packed with learning!

You'll be making

this set of 4 Spa Cloths

I'll walk you through step by step how to knit these adorable Spa Cloths. You can knit right along with me as you learn valuable tips and tricks from a pro. With over 2.5 hours of content, you'll feel confident in your machine knitting skills.
learn to knit washcloths on a knitting machine

Let's Learn!

If you are brand new to machine knitting or you haven't touched your machine in years, I am here to get you knitting successfully! This course is jam packed with learning. We start at the very beginning to get your machine working smoothly then move on to the fun parts where we knit an adorable set of 4 spa cloths. No wasting yarn on swatches, no useless pieces of fabric, you will be making a useable item as you learn to knit on your knitting machine!

  • Cleaning and oiling your machine

  • Setting up your machine

  • How to use your tools

  • How to read a pattern

  • Casting on and binding off

  • Side stitch increases and decreases

  • Jersey, Mock Ribbing and Stripes

Supplies and Materials

For this course you'll need a flat bed knitting machine in a standard gauge. I will demonstrate on a Brother and Studio brand. Tools and supplies: Latch tool, single eye transfer tool, claw weights, cloths pins, flat edge pusher tool, darning needle, cast on comb (optional) 4 ply (fingering weight) cotton yarn and a pair of scissors.

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What students are saying

OMG, you need this class!!!

by Marie Greene, founder of Olive Knits

"Omg, you need this class!!!! Heidi is such a patient and knowledgeable teacher - she walked me through every step and gave me the skills and confidence to finally get started. Now I'm able to finish my handknits on my machine, knit baby blankets for friends, and so much more! If you're ready to get past the learning curve and put your knitting machine to work, you NEED this class"